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"I think we need 'parts' first," Jyot said rather pleadingly. "I mean, first things first, we got to keep things running smoothly and we can't do that without stocking up on 'parts'. At least, I can't. Besides, nothing ever changes here. Zeek can wait."

Jyot headed in the direction of 'Shakers', not necessarily a seedy type of cantina, but a place where one could get a decent meal and a drink. And where they showcased exotic dancers, most of which were humanoid.

"Hmm... wonder if that Zeltron is still there...." Jyot wondered aloud to himself. "Capria? Carlia? Curia?" He shook his head as he couldn't remember her name. "Meh, doesn't matter. I'll know her when I see her."

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