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I wasnt thinking about explaining unecessary things like where people use the fresher on the ebon hawk or things that are already explained in other media. Im just thinking that the story should be told from a new perspective or a different point of view and explain things that are mentioned in the game but otherwise not explored or including things that might be missing from the story but would help the main plot if they were there.

I was actually wondering about a few things in the story.....

How Carth and Revan could walk around Taris doing all the things they did with their faces out in the open and the sith dont even notice them. They may not have been looking for them but you still think the sith wouldve accessed the Republic Database on Endar Spire and passed their holos around to the local sith patrols.

How Canderous and the others got to the Ebon Hawk aboard the Leviathan through the hallway Revan and his group go through later and Canderous supposedly cleared it but when Revan goes through its populated by guards again.

How the Ebon Hawk being one of the most wanted ships in Sith space got to Koriban and landed without the sith realizing their presence and trying to stop them. Youd think between Czerka and the Sith Academy, the local sith there would know that ship was the Ebon Hawk and the staff there would immediately recognize Revan and his bunch.
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