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Originally Posted by mdb76
Just thought I would brag - Yesterday I played RC begining to end non stop. It only took a tidy 9 1/2 hours to do it. Its the second time I played it all the way through since I bought it 6 days ago. I LOVE Republic Commando!

Anyone else had marathons like this? I havn't done anything like this since I was a teen. By the way, any other girls members here?

I got through it in 6 hours on my first try, but I had played the demo a few billion times before that, and I played very aggressively, an example:

Oh look, a looked door, slice it, run in, throw grenades all over the place, shoot at the other areas and at the same time stab that super battledroid to a greasy death...I was down to my pistol during half the time hehe...a bit overly aggressive maybe but it got the job done...last time I played I think I got it down to 4h and 10 minutes.

Originally Posted by Sven_Q45
Only without Fixxer (07)
Now I'm confused, do you mean, 4-0 Fixer or 0-7 Sev?

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