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Originally Posted by Aash Li
Didnt they say once that ME would never come to the PC though? O.o
They probably used the wonderfully PR-diplomatic phrase "We have no plans at this time to..." which is a No which could change into a Yes at any time.

Originally Posted by mimartin
Just don't believe everything you read, good or bad. There are many Easter Eggs hidden throughout the game, many I had no clue what they were about, but with your knowledge of games you might.
One request, if you do indeed get Mass Effect, I would really like to see the PC you create with the Character Creation system Bioware came up with for Mass Effect. If you can do what you did with Oblivionís Character Creation system, I canít wait to see your Mass Effect PC.
Sounds like a typical Bioware RPG in many respects, from what I've heard so far, so chances are I will probably like it when I get it. Since I've been unable to play it so far (due to its console-only nature) I haven't bothered looking much at the game before though.

I'll post screenshots of my character when I get the game.


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