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When they got in the Falcon, Akira glanced around. Suddenly, someone, with little feet, came running towards them. She looked down, and saw the little girl, Allana.

"What took you so long?" Allana asked. Akira smiled, and knelt down. "Sorry that we took long, little one. We were just trying to find clues."

Allana nodded, and smiled. "Oh! Okay!" Akira got up and looked around. A grin came upon her face.

"Well, everything seems good..." She looked down at the little girl again. "Where are the others?"

Allana scratched her head. "Umm... they're over there at that room... the pass... uhh.."

Akira smiled. "Passenger room."

Allana nodded rapidly and happily. "Yeah, that!"
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