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Originally posted by Fruitloop:
<STRONG>I personally think an SP pack that had the original Dark Forces levels put into JKO would be pretty cool. Heck, an SP pack that put those levels in JK would be cool. (I don't say conversion because it'd be pretty dang hard to convert the DF levels to JKO )</STRONG>
Well, I'm working on a DF->Quake converter. Currently, I have completed the importer, and have 65% of the exporter. I didn't yet made the corrections to the scale of the textures, nor finished the routine that converts completely the sectors from DF into Quake brushes. I figured it out the last week how to finish it but hadn't enough time...

In the meantime I'd post some screenshots:

Importer Output
<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

Click to Show the Biggie one</A>

What QERadiant shows
<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>
Click to Show the Biggie one</A>

By the way... help, anyone?

EDIT: I also want to do JK, but the geometry is a "little" more complex. Any help from anyone that know something about it, will be appreciated. I already tried the sites from the JK level editors, but they remain silent

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