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"Younglings... they grow up so fast..." Jak silently chuckled to himself. "Looks like the Falcons still in her same condition as we left it; half-space worthy and half-junk heap!"

Jak walked up the ramp, accompanied by Allana, Akira and the new guest. He went straight to the main hold. He then sat near the Engineering Station computer to run a diagnostic of the ship.

"Uh-oh... looks like we've got some glitches with the Navigational Charts as well..." he examined. "I wonder when was the last time Solo did a scan-check. Nothing I can't handle, though..." and with that, he got straight to work with clearing up the bugs in the Charts.

They were just lucky they made it here to Nar Shadda without any hassle, apart from being chased by a Sith Lord who wants his daughter back.
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