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D.J looked around at the state of the Milennium Falcon. Much of it from the inside was already still damage. D.J walked towards the hyperdrive and examined it.

"The Hyperdrive is probably leaking. If it is then you can't jump to hyperspace. Your probably going to need to get a new one." D.J looked around and walked towards the circuitry bay. He spotted a few wires that had been blown out due to the space battle. D.J took out a small welding unit from his pocket and welded the wires together. D.J looked around the ship again. He could spot ten more problems that he couldn't fix.

"This ship needs a lot of work." He said finally. "But we don't have time to fix all of them. Most of the life support systems need some work on them. We can fix all the errors that make the ship unflyable and then get out of Nar Shadda." D.J had a very bad feeling on Nar Shadda. He always did but something gave him the feeling that someone knew where they were and was coming for them.

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