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Ooooooh, absolutely delightful news! Here's to a totally over-the-top level 30-50 campaign following MotB. (And perhaps a proper Epic spell system to go with it?)

Bah, they'll probably just go the way BioWare did with SoU and make it something completely new. But here is to the level cap being raised again in any case. (At least 40 like in NWN would be very nice.)

Originally Posted by RakataDark
But I would rather have a sequel
Don't get your hopes up. With how large a selling point modding has been for the series Obsidian isn't likely to uproot the community after giving it only a yearish to settle in with the current game. I'd predict if we'll ever see a NWN3 it'll be in three or four years (or shortly after the release of 4E at the absolute earliest).

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