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My favorites levels from Jedi Knight deathmatch were in this order:

Blades of Death (best)
Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal
Bespin Mining Station
Valley of the Jedi Tower
Canyon Oasis
Battleground Jedi (least)

BGJ and VOTJ are forgivable because they are saber levels, but still... Canyon Oasis was simple, and fun, but I enjoyed it a lot less than the others.

CTF Maps ranking (just because I feel like it):

Challenge At Nar Shaddaa
Arena of Dark and Light
The Duel

They are all pretty good, although "The Duel" is pretty small.

The last thing JK2 needs is a "Canyon Oasis" expansion (we already have a billion of those in the JK editing community). If it was simply a copy of the level in JK2 that would be fine, but I'm sick of levels that try to "expand" on it, but end up throwing off the balance and ruining the "feel" of the level (which just about all of the mods I've seen have done, or else they just change the textures... yeah great idea there).


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