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BoD!?!I found that very very dull.
ff you could control the surges and then destruction combo people as they came out of the doors. It was really constrictive because all the action had to pass through one room, that room had lots of ammo, was close to some health/shields, and had 2 surges in.

loading terminal was ok, it just was kinda dull for flow, it didnt have any real gameplay bugs..

Bespin wasn't imho at all fun. its just too tight, its the worst possible ff level due to its total and utter lack of anything that really needs jks extended dynamics

Oasis, is very simple, but its also very open, and has rapid elevation changes which works nicely with force jump, it can be spanned quickly as well using strafe jumps.. its just nice and quick.. and really really works with the force, nf its lame tho.

VotjT was imho a campers paradise.. you can snatch the ss and your surge with ease, making yourself invulnerable, as long as you stay in a door well and away from drops.

BGJ tho I don't like much either, its too small..

my list would be
Bespin (its atleast half decent with nf..)
BoD-Votjt baaaaad levels.
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