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Galaxies shutting down?Where buy Galaxies?

I have spent a week trying to buy the complete adventure from Direct2Drive. My purchase has been put on hold and the customer service has said they cant help me further and to download it from a diffrent site. My ticket has been closed and they wont answer any more. Where else can I get Star wars galaxies the complete adventure? I have gone to their website but all their links to buy it are either closed or the store no longer holds the product. Ebay only sells open games, or very expesive ones at $80. Amazon also only has 2 games for $80. Where else can I get this game besides Direct@drive?
I said shutting down because they have done a thurough job of getting their product off the market. Also when I asked this question in my ticket they simply said they couldnt help me and closed it. I know very little about the game so Im probably wrong. I just whant to play the game.
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