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Regardless of what people want to see, you'll probably be seeing every JK DM map ported to JK2 and maybe a few of the JK CTF maps as well. I don't see this as anything but positive. JK had some great maps and I don't see anything wrong with trying to have fun in your favorite old maps from JK in JK2.

Mesa Order:

The Challenge At Nar Shaddaa - NF
Bespin Mining Station - NF
Canyon Oasis - NF or FF
Blades of Death - NF
Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal - NF or FF
Arena of Dark and Light - NF
Valley of The Jedi Tower - NF or FF
Battleground Jedi - NF or FF
The Duel - NF

Although I love NF and FF, I would have to say that I enjoy playing most of the levels in NF and think that the majority of levels were horrible in FF.

The only levels that I think worked excellent in both NF and FF were Canyon Oasis, Valley of The Jedi Tower and Battleground Jedi.

You just don't get the full effect of the Force when you play enclosed levels. With the larger, open levels, you can take the Force to a level where you can't in any of the other levels.

They are all pretty good, although "The Duel" is pretty small.
I never could stand that map, although it was good for beginners to learn with. I think the hidden elevator room ruined it for me.

BoD!?!I found that very very dull.
You found it dull, because you actually played it using Force.

Bespin wasn't imho at all fun.
Because you actually played it using Force.

Oasis, is very simple, but its also very open, and has rapid elevation changes which works nicely with force jump, it can be spanned quickly as well using strafe jumps.. its just nice and quick.. and really really works with the force, nf its lame tho.
I think it's the only good gun map that worked excellent with NF and FF. It's not fun in NF if you're playing with these new-schoolers though, with their leave packs and other pansy stuff. DeathBolt knows how Oasis is meant to play.

VotjT was imho a campers paradise.. you can snatch the ss and your surge with ease, making yourself invulnerable, as long as you stay in a door well and away from drops.
Agreed. Although that doesn't matter much in NF, it mattered a great deal in FF. I love the secret FF jumps in that map though.

BGJ tho I don't like much either, its too small..
I've always seen BGJ as the perfect FF map. It took FF to a new level. There are hundreds of advanced jumps and easily has the best verticle movement of any map(in FF).

I'm looking for options with this game. Hopefully everyone else will come around and sing this tune soon also. Throwing the JK maps into JK2 wouldn't take too much effort, if Raven doesn't do it, hopefully someone else will.
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