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Originally Posted by Lantzen
I really don't understand all the complains about that you attack then need to wait, are you not using the rest of your party members ? Of course you need to wait if you just watching your own characther, its the same in Kotor. But you have a hole party. If you controll evryone in a battle you don't need to wait. I think i have to short time in some of the larger battle to micro my party ^^
Youre both right and wrong. There is a wait in the other games, but its not noticeable. In NWN2 there is a discernible wait between actions in battle... but if it goes away as I level up then Im fine.

Now if we could just make the characters not-ugly, the game would be great.

I just bout MotB today, and I love the way the genasi look! Really great. If they keep up the nice looking characters in their second xpack, I might forgive them the fugly characters in the original. >.>

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