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The streets were, as always, dirty. This untidy planet made Han Solo somewhat feel at home, maybe because he lived here before with Chewie in his golden smuggler days. At first glance, Nar Shaddaa could be very intimidating to the usual tourist or spacer, with all the "Smuggler's Moon, Mercenary Den or Hutt's Breeding Ground" nicknames (just to picture the last one gave Han some chills) it was not on the A-list vacation spots to visit, yet, everything you wanted could be found here; Nar Shaddaa was a paradise its own unique way to some people.

As he searched for his old friends garage, he noticed that the Vong's terraforming had destroyed some of the neighborhood he once knew. "Well, this is Nuubi's place alright, let's see if he still remembers me"

As he pressed the button on the door, he noticed that the garage had changed. Some windows had been walled in, the door had been crudely reinforced, all making it seem that Nuubi got into some shady business. It was not rare to see this around the planet however, so nobody payed much attention.

Han's thoughts were interrupted by a chime on the door's comm, "Ah'chu apenkee?" said a voice in Huttese

"Dolpee kikyuna" answered Han, "Nuubi pateessa"

"Hi chuba da naga?" asked the voice

"Han Solo"

"H'chu apenkee Solo" said another voice in Huttese, which Han knew belonged to a Hutt, "Kee hasa do punyoo"

Before Han could react, four armed thugs came out the door, blasters pointed at him.

"Whoa whoa, Nee dolya pukee toba guys" said Han, trying to understand the situation, "what's going on?

One of the thugs explained in Basic so Han could fully understand, "Head of State Jacen Solo has issued a very big bounty for whoever brings him to you, dead or alive, along with some little girl you got on your ship. Because you go far back with lorda Nobo, he will give you the courtesy of not killing you, but I can't say the same for the Jedi that accompany you"

"Come on guys, let's take it easy, let me talk to Nobo and figure something out, alright?" asked Han, while discretely activating his beacon so the other will know where he was at.

"Get inside, I wouldn't be surprised if more bounty hunters are on the way here, but don't you worry" said the thug herding Han inside the building with his blaster "the boss has it all under control"

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