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Taking out enemies

Battle Droids: Aim for their heads, or just punch em' with a vibroknife.
SBDs: Get close to them, jump up and down while using your vibroknife. One Anti-armor rocket will kill em' one shot, but it's better to conserve valuable ammo like that for tougher enemies.
Droideka: Get right in front of them, in their shield, and the cant't hurt you. use your vibroknife. An anti-armor rocket will kill thes eone shot too, but i'd sugges tsavign it for tougher enemies.
Magna-guards: I hate these guys. Use shock grenades on them. Anti-armor and wookie rocket launcher also takes care of them.
Genosian: just mop em' up with you blaster rifle.
Geonosian baby: blast em with your rifle.
Geonosian setry: i hate these guys. A few well-placed sniper rounds can take em' out though.
Trando grunt: use your vibroknife.
Trando: blast em' with their own weapons.
Trando elite: i hate these guys too. blast em with thier own weapons, and if they get close, use you vibroknife.
Spider droid: There's no perfect strategy for these guys. just keep your distance, and dodge for your life. use grenades and shoot all you've got at that red eye of theirs.

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