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Originally Posted by RedHawke
Edit: Thread re-opened... as the OP has indicated to me that this mod hasn't yet been released. Deleted Misinfomation posts to the contrary.

ARC Cody, and everyone else, in the future instead of commiting thread ressurection please PM the OP/Author and ask questions like "Is this still being done?". Thanks.
Thanks RedHawke. Sorry everyone, I've been pretty busy lately. If I go another long stretch like this (couple of months) without posting an update, please feel free to PM me with a friendly "how's it going".

Anyhow, on to the update. I've been slowly working on my Tusken male. So far I've got the four standard jedi robes done (although I just noticed that I missed the glove colour of the brown robe). I tried to set up the uvw map so that it will be easier for anyone to modify a custom robe to fit the Tusken. I'll try to get permission from some of the major robe skinners out there (like all the robes in the Holowan Plug-in), so that I can add more than just the basic four that come with the game.

I've also done the seven PMBC armours. There are a total of 43 armours that come with the game, so it'll be awhile before they are all done. Due to the limitations of the Tusken model, he has to always be wearing a robe of some kind (or a skirt). I can change the backpack, but not the long skirt area around his legs. Because of this, I decided that he has his favourite desert robe and back pack that he wears overtop of the armour. So, I change the legs, boots, and gloves to match the armour, then make it look like his robe is open in front, revealing part of the chest plate.

Unfortunately it means that, from behind, he'll look pretty much the same no matter which armour he wears. I toyed with trying to make his robe a colour that matches the armour, but that's even more work, and it doesn't quite make sense that his robe and pack magically change colour, or that if Carth takes off his armour to give to the Tusken, suddenly there is an extra robe and pack that Carth didn't wear. I could play the "willful suspension of disbelief" card, but its taking me too long just to do the work that I've got done so far, so why add more work recolouring the robe.

For the heavy armours, I'll re-model the guantlets and boots to be bigger, and match the standard armour model.

A problem I've been having is that I don't know how to change the lighting that hits the model in game. What I've done is flatten the eye goggles so that he looks like he has a full face mesh sleeping mask. The problem is that the goggles still have the highlights and shadows on them, instead of flat lighting. It also still shows up around the area that the back pack harness used to be, but isn't as obvious. I don't know how to use G-max well enough yet to fix it. Or maybe the light and shadow is embedded in the .mdl and .mds files? Any help would be great.

As always, if anyone has a suggestion or opinion that they'd like to share, I like to hear 'em. I especially like constructive critisism, so that I can improve the final product.

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