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“What do you expect?” Titel rhetorically asked his fellow Jabric. “This sPecies are so primitive I’m surprised they don’t still eat each other.” An Alcoholic beveraged was placed in front of him and he looked down at it then looked at the Irish Human. “Any chance I could get something other than fermented vegetable products?”

Dianne was shocked to hear such a personal question from the he/she Jabric, but then again she shouldn’t have been as Ishi had been more than a little intrusive since it arrived. “Excuse me!” She exclaimed to the Jabric with the male appearance. “That’s not the kind of question you just come out and ask in such a public place.”

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Jaiera came out of the dressing room finally, with a puzzled look on her face. "It's so... tight," she confessed in a hushed whisper to Ishi. "It's like a second skin, practically." She shot a worried look to Dianne and asked, "Do you humans wear this sort of thing? Really?"
“Unless you’re trying to look like a waitress at Hooters I’d go a couple of sizes bigger.” She answered the Alien. “I mean how’d you even get that on?”
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