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More news peeps:

S3 and VIA making S3 Graphics DX10.1 GPUs
^ I find it extremely ironic to make DX10.1 GPUs with a 64-bit memory interface for the low-end market where you'll be using DX10.1 about as much as a rabbit uses toilet paper...Even the high end can't take DX10 to it's full potential, so why put these features on cards that'll never use them?

Here's a thought, let NVidia buy AMD, yay!
^ Seriously, wtf? How will this help anyone besides Intel as it'll make their stuff more attractive and less confusing if the do end up taking on the high-end GPU market...

AMD says APU is the way to go
^ Way to go and tell Intel what to do again, why can't they just keep their mouths shut and actually make the bloody things instead of yapping about it and letting Intel take all the credit when they release a better and sooner version of it...
It does all seem very promising though, but will it be enough to keep them alive in the next couple of years?

GPGPUs are the way to go as well apparently
^ Seems like the CPU and GPU are coming closer together indeed, and I think it's just a matter of time before a company releases a hybrid so purely awesome that it will eliminate the need for both and effectively merge all our processing power in one, whether it be graphics or number crunching...

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