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"I'm a little suprised little girls at your age think about that kind of stuff!" Jak grinned. "Anyway, if you get into trouble you can contact us via the comlink. Do you know how to use it? Well, who wouldn't nowadays--"

He was interupted by a continous beeping coming from the computer. Jak examined it.

"Its Han's homing beacon! He must be some sort of trouble--" Jak was again interupted when D.J entered the room.

""Wait don't go yet." then the Selkath explained to everyone his little feeling concerning Han.

"Yes I figured that. Why elsse would he activate his homing beacon? C'mon, lets quickly get him out of this mess!"

And with that, Jak grabbed his coat and exited the Falcon and waited for the others to ajoin him. His double-bladed Lightsaber was safely in its sheath strapped to his back.
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