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Only faint sounds of battle were reaching Algren's ears, when he felt someone near him. He tried to open his eyes, but such an effort seemed imposible. Even if it was an enemy, there was nothing he could do. He felt a hand grabbing his right shoulder and he felt an immediate relief sensation. He didn't need to open his eyes to know who was holding him, he somehow knew Kaleah was going to save him.

With the relief came a little pain, she was doing something to his wounded shoulder. She was being careful and diligent, he knew that, and the pain was nothing he couldn't bare so all he had to do was wait. Soon she finished the treatment on his shoulder, or so he thought, suddenly his tongue felt the taste of leather and before he knew what was going on, a sharp pain brought him back to consciousness.

He opened his eyes and saw her, she had the remnant of a bloody arrow in her hand. While he was gasping for air to recover from the shock he looked at his wounded shoulder. The sight didn't comfort him at all, it looked nasty, bloody bandages and there was blood coming out, though the pain was not that bad. Still confused, like in a dream, he tried to get up, but his sight went blurry... All he could do was lay down on his back and fall into darkness once again...

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