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Alec’s headache was beginning to die down, it still hurt like someone had stuck a lightsaber in there and scrambled his brains, but it was better than before the Jedi had explained the situation. He still wasn’t up to doing any work that is why he sent Jyot and Latch to Zeek, the middleman trustworthy and good for a job so it would only take the Mechanic twenty minuets for his to get one. Then again it was Jyot so twenty minuets of work would be added to the forty minuets he’ll spend watching scantly clad women dancing around. Alec could only hope that Latch would stick to business and Jyot wouldn’t be a bad influence.

As it may be an hour before the two returned Alec already informed everyone else that they could have some shore time on the station but to keep a com-link on them in case they had to exit quick.

For some reason the Jedi had gone away somewhere since they dropped out of hyperspace and the Captain hadn’t seen or heard from her. He decided to take this opportunity to check out a few things he hadn’t had the chance to do before, he was doing the basic background checks on Kadis, Ellie, Colin and Realyn. All seemed to check out but for some reason while doing looking up Realyn Lark he kept thinking of the same name Katrine West.

Zip flew into the room, Alec must have forgot to lock it. “Undesignated bounty Alec Tannis, I scanned passers by outside the ship and found four separate bounties. Bounty 05863, bounty 09…”

“Stow it Zip, A12-76 is Zeek’s territory, We try to take down a bounty here without his say so we get blacklisted.” Alec Interrupted. “But I do have a job for you, look up the name Katrine West on the Bounty sheets.”
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