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Thank the Mods

I'm one of those who's been at Lucasforums since before the merge of old, and I'd just like to say that the Moderators in these parts have always been above average. The one's at several forums go from being Nazis who close any and all threads that may reference a topic mentioned in passing in the giant 2000 post sticky at the top, to letting the annoying and vulgar slide with not so much as a warning.

So, after seeing Jebus's ridiculous rant thread and going wow, if I was a Mod, this would so be closed. then a day later, good ol Rogue Nine comes along and closes it for all of us with two working brain cells.

It just got me thinking, that seldom do I see a pointless, or crappy thread that isn't locked up quickly on general principal.

So, give the mods a big hand people. Without them, this place would be just another rant filled flame fest where anything goes, rather than the pleasant home on the internet that it is.

Thank you very much guys.

That is all.

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