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Jaiera blushed and turned to go back to the dressing room. From what she'd gathered, 'Hooters' was not an admirable place to work. Definitely not the image she wanted to be portraying to the world. She tried on a few more things, before settling on an outfit she thought might be considered 'cute'. Then, she emerged once more, wearing the new outfit to display.

By human standards, it worked very nicely. She was wearing a pair of jeans, not too tight (which she now associated with 'Hooters'), but not too baggy either (which she'd learned was a sort of anti-social, anti-fashion statement). Thanks to Dianne, the shirt she'd chosen was not skin-tight. To complete the outfit, she'd chosen black, zip-up boot-shoes with a quarter-inch heel; and a brown suede jacket.

Just as she was about to ask what her companions thought of the outfit, a loud beeping sounded from the nearby door. Someone had tried their hand at shoplifting, but the clothing item had a tag on it, which had set off the alarm. Jaiera winced and turned to Dianne.

"So... how do we get out without... that going off?" she asked nervously.

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Originally Posted by mur'phon
"So, human males actually enjoy drinking mind adling toxins, while watching other humans exersice? And what's the point of all this cheering at a, eh, TV?"

Matt smiled faintly. "Can't say I've ever really understood it much myself. I mean, watching sports is kinda fun... not like I'll ever be in good enough physical shape to participate, so watching's the next best thing... and they're cheering for the team they want to win the game..."

"What do you expect?” Titel rhetorically asked his fellow Jabric. “This species are so primitive I’m surprised they don’t still eat each other.” An Alcoholic beverage was placed in front of him and he looked down at it then looked at the Irish Human. “Any chance I could get something other than fermented vegetable products?”

Matt chuckled, and was about to answer when his phone rang. With a puzzled frown, he excused himself from the bar and headed outside to answer it.

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"They've accelerated," Kayla observed. Logan nodded and Kayla ran some numbers through a program on the computer that monitored Hubble. "They'll crash down within the hour."

"Can we pick out their trajectory yet?" Logan asked. "Where will they hit?"

"Umm..." Kayla murmured, using the program on the computer to factor in the turn of the earth combined with the speed of the Trackers' descent. She paled. "Oh..."

"Where?" Logan pressed.

"Interstate 84, roughly," Kayla answered grimly. "Less than a mile from the mall."

They got on their phones. Only a few minutes later, they got off.

"Still say to wait," Logan said. Kayla shook her head.

"Mine are saying to warn Matt," she said. Logan nodded and Kayla got on her phone again. Matt's was busy...

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