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"Lorda Nobo, one of our lookouts have confirmed visual contact, a trio of intruders" said Tobias, a human mercenary and second in command of Nobo the Hutt's forces, "I bet its them Jedi"

"Jeedai" responded Nobo in a sour tone, "killee jeedai"

"It will be my pleasure lorda" said Tobias as he activated 3 heavy defender droids. "The Jedi are going to try to get in, use all weapons necessary to stop them" then he said to the mercs and thugs, "do not use blasters on the Jedi, use electroshock rifles and capture nets, we could get a bonus if we present these rogue jedi to the colonel"

"Do you think that will really be enough? You guys don't stand a chance against three Jedi Knights" said Han, who had been hearing the conversation

"I already know that Solo, but I'm not that stupid" said Tobias with a smirk on his face, then he activated a Holonet transmitter, that connected to a planet wide communications channel, " Attention all of you murishanis and mercenaries of the smuggler moon, I bet you heard about the Galactic Alliance's bounty on Captain HanSolo, well, you 'll be glad to know that he's here on Nobo The Hutt's place, come and get him. And I remind you that the bounty is for 35 million credits, dead or alive"

After he finished his announcement, he motioned for Nobo to go into the turbolift, which will deliver them to a bunker. "All droids stay up here, with 10 of our men, shoot to disable, but take no chances, kill if need be"


As the Hades left the Anakin's docking bay, Aito started to make his capture plan. "Okay Vergo, go full speed to Nar Shaddaa, its about to go down now. Han Solo seems to have turned into a hot item by the looks of things"

"No kidding" said the pilot as he readied the engines for a hyperspace travel, "you think we will make it in time?"

"Han Solo has lasted this long by his huge amount of luck, but it will run out when I meet him"

"What do you have in mind?" asked Ingrid curiously

"All of the mercs and bounty hunters on that moon are going to kill themselves over the bounty, it's going to be worse than hell" Aito stated, "we need to slip in quietly, then we wait for our prey"

"Hopefully I won't get a souvenir from one of those jedi that are with him" commented Vergo worriedly, then the Hades jumped, its crew's objective: the capture of Han Solo

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