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Originally Posted by RedRob41
Anyhow, on to the update. I've been slowly working on my Tusken male. So far I've got the four standard jedi robes done (although I just noticed that I missed the glove colour of the brown robe). I tried to set up the uvw map so that it will be easier for anyone to modify a custom robe to fit the Tusken. I'll try to get permission from some of the major robe skinners out there (like all the robes in the Holowan Plug-in), so that I can add more than just the basic four that come with the game.
If you want, I made a few custom robes that I didn't release that you could use for the Tuskens.

@Topic: Looks absolutely cool.

(@RedRob41: FYI, I won't need your Wookiee template since I scraped the idea I was gonna use it for.)

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