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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
That bad huh? So how did, say, Timothy Zahn get the gig?
Writing for SW is a lot like becoming a mod. You don't ask for the job. You are chosen. Zahn, Stackpole, Perry, and all the others were approached by (bantam at the time, Lucasbooks later) and contracted to write in the universe based on their credibility writing original works in other universes or their own. For instance, Stackpole was writing battletech before star wars, along with a few original novels, and Bantam tapped him to write the X-wing books.

So, the best way to write star wars is to write original Fantasy (surprisingly not sci-fi so much) and once you get a few published, you are at least one step closer to being eligible. Then it's just a matter of having the right agent to further your ambitions to SW.

If you can't tell, I've looked into this extensively. I started writing a SW book when I was like 14, scrapped it and started an original Fantasy of my own. I finished that when I was 20 and have been working to get it published since then. Tough business for sure. And while writing SW isn't one of my major ambitions anymore, if I'm being totally honest with myself, I would not say no to an offer to write in the universe. Even still have a plot knocking around in my skull for just such an occasion.

Sorry for the personal side story, but I hope I answered your question.

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