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Well that is all interesting, but you have to remember this is not Sim Jedi. As much as I love playing a jedi there are those who would like to play with guns and such. If Raven spent all their time perfecting a complex saber combat system, they would hardly have any left for other game elements.
Also while many would play long enough to become masters under your system, many more would become bored before they even cracked the suface, discarding it quickly and certainly not recommending it. If you make something over-complex you risk annoying people and slowing the mechanics of the game down. If people play it to "become" jedi knights they want to move fast and strike quick, not turning saber dueling into a game version of Fencing.

Also you assume (or hope) that there is going to be a class system, "Jedi" in game terms is still just someone using a saber unless Raven decide to make a class that is the only one allowed access to force powers and a saber.

You seem to know a little about martial arts (I may even hazard a guess you know some). But what you have to realise that until we are able to step into a "holodeck" we probably wont be able to bring anything into being as conplex as what you suggest. You have so good idea's but need to make your points quicker as most wont read essay's on saber dueling etc.

-Tactics and Gameplay Immersion-
You speak of these and the mechanics that entail martial arts fighting and various weapon styles. What you have to realise is that most of this is not applicable in a game universe. It is always possible to improve something and saber fighting is definately going to have to be improved over JK1 if its going to survive long term in JK2. But you must realise this isnt the films, you arent in real life, if you add to many factors required to become skillful it is no longer immersive or fun, just to much hard work to do one single attack.

If you want a game that focuses on every single element factoring into skillful saber combat in "real life", go buy Microsoft's Sword Simulator 2000. JK2 sabering needs to be detailed but still quite easy to adapt to.

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