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"Dantooine, on Dantooine."
For those who do not know me I shall explain my position. I'm definitely not a city chap, so, though Taris was wonderfully executed form-wise it was missing something.

This was my first role playing game and the first two locales were all synthesized ceramicrete, duracrete, transparisteel, and durasteel girders. I spent al ong time on Taris, trying to figure out how RPGs actually worked. I grew sick of never seeing flora or fuana, nor being able to move about away from archecture. When I finally got out of the academy the first chap I met was ol' Nemo.
From there on it was me taking in the panaramic hills and up to my ears in Kath hounds, trees, a creepy cave, and the accompanying kinrath. It was also the first time I heard the Jedi Code we can all recite from memmory, the first lightsaber I made and used back when I had no idea what anything meant accept that it was a beautiful planet.
It was like being a figurative child way back in 04. Once I reached the other worlds I was finally starting to understand the mechanics, whereas I only knew enough to have a good time when I was on Dantooine. By the time I left, the magic seemed to have gone on it's merry way.
If that makes sense to you I'll be most happy.

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