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I wonder how 'complex' it would really be?
To me complexity is something which is so fast or multielemented that I cannot play it because I am 'not good enough'.

If only in the eyes of a game designer who reduces sabre combat to CHARRRRRGE! like Yosemite Sam approaches on an enemy that sits there like a cow awaiting my sledgehammer.


~ Enter/Exit
Tab Space

Individual Strokes


LSHIFT Blue Force Up
LCTRL Red Force Up

Are all tight grouped for single handed operations (and given the ABSENCE of required mouse control they could probably as easily be put onto the numpad for right handed use).

And they all individually effect the gameplay ONLY to the extent that YOU want them to.

ENTER/EXIT is just simply nice to have when you're down to your last few health points. It is to put it mildly 'grace under pressure'.

FACE is always on unless you want it off to 'charge thru and spin around' with a special stroke.

SPACE is used perhaps once to get to a desired 'style' range. I wouldn't recommend a 5' 8" Luke Skywalker going nose-to-grille with Darth Vaders 6' 7" breath mint or he'll push you to your knees with sheer 'force' of leverage.

QWEASDZXC are enablers to style (more cut types) but don't effect your vulnerability in the least because you are always facing your enemy and you thus don't have to worry about how your leg movements send you flying past him/her/it. And your own defensive blocking guard.

LSHIFT/LCTRL are again use-or-ignore based on how you want to increase individual abilities to attack or defend. 'Normally' they are balanced and you simply use whatever number are skill-level available or 'back out' of a fight you can't block against or attack past.

Again YOU choose to run a risk where your sudden attacks (how fast and smooth you can hit QWEASDZXC) make the other guy run blocking rather than 'fight back' against your open defense.

KATAS Become the equivalent of 'combo moves' on a standup arcade machine but are there regardless of some gross manipulation of a stick or (impossible, IMO) slide-mouse.

Most importantly, they are 'fill in the blanks' __ __ __ __ __ __

PRESET using the same intuitive hi-lo/side-side stroke keys as shown above.

BEFORE you enter a combat level.

In fact, of all the keys above, the only keys you really really need to know are perhaps the Exit/Enter key and the Kata keys.

Maybe six total and of those only 1-2 more 'memorized' per each Jedi Level you survived to reach.

Everything else makes multiplayer 'funner' (rewards those with the wits and focus to encompass and master the full command set) but is not relevant to the basic SP mode, in-game.

The problem is that if you cheapen things to the extent that 'it's all automated' (as the E3 video largely indicates to me) then you remove the fun too.

Having struggled with 'batter up!' blocking in TPM, I accept that defense cannot be realtime to my reflexes at the same time I expect to be an offensive 'force' against multiple threat bearings.

But I would sure like to know that, in the end, it was ME and not some machine algorithm dancing vorpal sword that dun slew the mighty Jabberwocki.

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