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Okay, let's try this again.

There are literally /dozens/ of 'fight game' standup arcade systems in existence. All of them can be characterized by two basic elements:

1. Character Icons (monster/dinosaurs, martial artists, gunmen, whatever) are almost always 'facing' each other within a fixed available (albeit often scrolling) game environment. Simplification meaning you hit or you block but you never get stabbed from behind because you're a clutz and ran past the guy you were trying to hit or block.

2. They are _specifically designed_ to challenge the player into pissing away quarters based on the 'find this special move and bag your friends with it!' combinations of joystick and button press.

These are in NO WAY thought of as 'Sim Sabre' equivalent and yet for all their 'complexity' I would hazard a guess that many here have played many of them.

My system is no different except that I only want to stick a knife in your wallet once and in trade for forty-sixty bucks, I tell you _exactly how it's gonna work_, from the very start.

1-2-3-4-5 Katas + Enter/Exit.

A new Kata being added as you grow from a Jedi Initiate through Warrior/Knight/Master, possibly with _no other controls_ in a 'simple fight model' difficulty version of the game.

Lastly, don't overrate my typing at fixed font size on computer monitor.

The above screen scrollers might seem excessive but think of them in terms of 1-2 facing pages from a manual.

Even added to my 'other discertations' on possibly better Force Control and Weapons and you STILL only have maybe 6-9 pages total.

I read true-sim manuals like Falcon 4 and all of it's addons with 200+ pages and wonder why they couldn't make it 'more complete'.

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