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You have just described the game I've been dreaming about. Although I'm almost sure that it will never be able to exist it's great to see that some one has an ideal similar to mine. Ever since I played JK I loved the saber battles, but hated the over use of the z-swing.

Art of the Lightsaber (AotL, a mod for MotS) is the closest I have ever gotten to such gameplay. Unfortunately the mod was not widely played and I soon after left the JK community. It had the dramatic qualities of a movie (robes where you could wear the hood, take the hood off, or throw the whole robe aside), multiple attacks/swings/ and a saber on/off, manual defense(!!), and best of all: no z-swing. Anyway, enough living in the past.

I also think that in order to truly appreciate this type of intricate gameplay one needs to know a similar art. I am a foil fencer, and when two people of similar skill and style bout eachother I find it quite enjoyable to watch (or participate in) the two think and test eachother trying to find how to best the other. It seems that I'm digressing and rambling....

SO! If I ever get anywhere in coding (maybe in ten years (I'm taking C++ now)) I would be able to help and create such a game. But if you find a game like this, Kurt, please e-mail me.

And to everyone else, Hi! I'm new here, I'm looking forward to JK2 even though it won't be my ideal game, but it'll still be the best game I'll have played! (probably... hopefully... it'd better be!)

Thanks for reading,

please excuse my spelling/grammar errors.
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