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Thanks DX,

I'm glad (very!) to have a kind word now and again and will certainly look for your moniker on any new title, keep up both fields of study!:-)

I think that the way this will eventually game out is probably some PC cross between a standup martial arts game like MK and a pure-blade combat adventure story like RSpear or period myth like Highlander.

A deliberately fuzzy area where whatever element of storyline is included is also broken up or geography/timeline 'enhanced' by gladiatorial combat in interesting (deep) fight environs depicting various appropriate places as well as styles of weapon/engagement that work exclusively within the 'it must have a sharp edge to kill' bladed realm.

A game where at least part of 'the quest' is simple flight-or-fight choices against shadowy opponents who will, early on, nearly ALWAYS match (just as young, just as dumb, very bloody and random/prolonged) or totally outclass (wham bam thank you ma'am certain death) you on a journey of balanced gained-friend endurance as much as combat tested survival while you 'earn to learn' (not just one style but many) from various kindly teachers across centuries of time to eventually fight other Ancients for the right to be The One.

(Snicker, obviously it also gives you the option to be run over by a Mack truck and still come back 'just fine'...;-).

Until then, I keep hoping that Raven has the remaining time and open-design interest to maybe add a few of my spices to their stew or that somebody here will decide to completely revamp the existing JK engine when/if (and I'm sad to say I expect it) JKO turns out to be something different from what we all enjoyed before.

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