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Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14
@sayoko: Quite true. While in my opinion, the sooner they can start it the better, if they were to finally make it 15 years from now I'd still be happy and go buy it. Oh were breakin out the star wars quotes out now are we? Well how can I argue with the dark lord of the sith?

If anything, the KOTOR fanbase is growing and other than my somewhat lame theory (previous post of mine) I for the life of me cant see why they wouldnt make it. As far as I know Obsidian expressed their intrest in doing the next KOTOR so its not like no one wants to make it. Obviously there is another problem that I am not aware of.
They are probably trying to make us more frustrated with all these rumors. I have a lot of gaming conspiracy theories. If we get frustrated with news of Kotor appearing everywhere we subconsciously want to stay around and see if there is one or not.

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