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hah, R15 you remind me of why I quit working for Big Box stores. When I found out that wally-mart is HAPPY with a 6 month turnover on employees, and doesn't budget for ANY overtime, yet the Managers practically break their arms patting themselves on the back when they receive their year end bonuses. DOes the worker get any appreciation? nope we get our hours cut.

Ike, I understand and apologize to, but i think Keyan has a point. We have experienced marriages second hand. If there is one thing I have learned from asking several happy couples who celebrated 50 years of marriage is that they both NEED eachother. They need eachother to raise kids, and live comfortably.

In fact I could have easily been married and had kids of my own, but I have yet to find someone that needs me as much as I need them.

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