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Originally Posted by Zargon
yeah.....keyan you could be the father figure

fiance and I looked at houses this weekend, 3/4 were a flop, the one we kinda liked, is about 24 miles outside of town, which could get $$ for commuting

only about 20 more to look at currently listed in our price range that interest us.

saldy most of them are not in a preferred location
God, I know that feeling... The worst is when you find the "perfect" house going through it with the realtor, but something happens and you can't get it... Happened to my fiance and I three times. Got outbid on the first one, the second deal was tanked by an owner that didn't want his dead mother's house owned by a guy with a goatee, and the third one had asbestos shingles that hadn't been mentioned by the realtor or owner when we signed the offer. Thank God for that inspection clause...

We were both pretty downtrodden when a friend of her family's offered us a great deal on their place... Their daughter was 4 and the mom was pregnant again so they wanted a bigger place. It's not perfect (I'm a pack rat and the place isn't quite big enough), but there's no flaws or defects and the price was insane (private sale between friends means great prices and no realtor fees!) so I'll have a ton of equity in it by the time *my* family outgrows it in 5-10 years.

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