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Party Members part3

Male/ species- Mandalorian

He was seen in kotor2. The character will be on a secret mission for Mandalore. You will find Kelborn on Rattatak. Kelborn will confront you after your second battle in the Cauldron/ battle arena. He will later tell you that Mandalore is rebuilding the clans as well as their military strength these past 7-10 years. You will come across some old war machines on Duro.

HK-47 (droid)
a.k.a. HI-52

HK-47 will be found on the Huttís space station. He has been sent out by his master Revan to keep tabs on the criminal organizations. You will need HK-47 in order to read and understand your Masterís journal. HK-47 will help you in finding your former Masterís contact. The droid will be its normal violent self. HK-47 will have a different name when you meet him. This alias allows him to infiltrate the Hutts and the Exchange. He will have a new skin body.

Uldir Tanik
Corellian military
Male/ species- Human

Uldir will be told to be the Jediís guides while on Corellia. Uldir will aid you on your mission and he will be present when the PC has a lightsaber duel with the Dark Jedi. Uldir is part of the military on Corellia. He is a low level officer. He lives and works in Kor Vella and he is very loyal to his world. His loyalty comes from three generations serving in the Corellian military.

Dagos Nimablu
(Male) species- Arkanians
Lost Jedi
Aria Feara
(Female) species- Mirialan
Lost Jedi

The character will be a lost Jedi who is still in Exile. No matter which one you end up with they will help complete your training to become a Jedi. They will tell you why the Jedi went into Exile. You meet the lost Jedi on Duro. The lost Jedi lost a padawan during the purge. To remind himself/herself of the power of the Sith, the lost Jedi still carries his/her padawanís lightsaber.
The gender of the PC will determine which Lost Jedi you will meet.

Major Characters part1

Cassus Fett-
Bounty hunter

If you select the Exile as light side then you will have Cassus Fett show up in the game as a bounty hunter. He will hunt you down. If Kelborn is in your party when Cassus attacks you, then after the fight you can spare his life and have him rejoin the rest of the Mandalorians on Duxn.

Sith Lordís twin Apprentices-
Male and Female/ species-Lethan (red) Twi'leks with Sith tattoos

The Sith Lord finds these twins Twiíleks about 6 years ago. The Sith Lord recognizes that the two were strong in the force. He takes them on as his apprentices. After six years of training, the twins become very strong in the dark side of the Force. They are used by the Sith Lord to visit worlds and help corrupt them in the beliefs of the Sith. The twins are very powerful when fighting together.

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