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Well i guess one of reason why K3 is not coming this year or announced yet might be MASS EFFECT, iam aware that bioware is not neccessarily connected with LA and that its part of EA but since ME is supposed to have 2 Sequels that are 100% confirmed to come its prolly not a good idea to deliver a K3 now.

From my impression ME has quite some similaritys with KotOR you can really see its from Bioware and its the same genre as KotOR, so basically if they bring out K3 now they risk that they split the customers between those games while people who loved ME and the KotOR fans would prolly both go and buy K3 if it comes after the 3 ME parts.

From my pov. there are alot of reasons to not bring K3 this year or mby not even next year but there are plenty of reasons to bring it in the future.

Actually i think its better to have it in 1-2 years than to have it announced now with 2 parts of ME still in work, imho not even a good developer like Bioware can throw out so many titles at the same time and still guarantee a good game.

No, i was right with not buying ME for my 360 since i was kinda sure all the "blabla will never come for pc" was just to get as many customers as possible for the 360 but ofc they didnt pass on the chance to get the PC community aswell for ME and since its KotOR like i will give it a chance.
I guess some KotOR modders are curious to see whats possible with ME aswell, and when ME1-3 is done Bioware comes and says "KK folks! our testrun for KotOR (ME1-3) is finished now and was successful so here comes K3" :P
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