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sounds like HD or mobo r15....

Originally Posted by Nitro
God, I know that feeling... The worst is when you find the "perfect" house going through it with the realtor, but something happens and you can't get it... Happened to my fiance and I three times. Got outbid on the first one, the second deal was tanked by an owner that didn't want his dead mother's house owned by a guy with a goatee, and the third one had asbestos shingles that hadn't been mentioned by the realtor or owner when we signed the offer. Thank God for that inspection clause...

We were both pretty downtrodden when a friend of her family's offered us a great deal on their place... Their daughter was 4 and the mom was pregnant again so they wanted a bigger place. It's not perfect (I'm a pack rat and the place isn't quite big enough), but there's no flaws or defects and the price was insane (private sale between friends means great prices and no realtor fees!) so I'll have a ton of equity in it by the time *my* family outgrows it in 5-10 years.

no kidding.

my boss who is a good friend just bought his neighbors house to get the lot attached to it thats between his other lot and the house.......I will look at it soon.

I was hoping to go below my price ceiling so I can afford to do a 15 year mortgage and really pump it full of equity....cuz a 3 bed room really will only last so long, the fiance wants kids in the next 5-10 and a guest bedroom(who knows why, the only people that visit are my parents and we live by them!) and I need officespace for the computers.......and a big garage for the motorcycle hobby!

but I guess with me getting approved based on my current income(and have a decent payraise coming soon pseudo-guarenteed) and the fiance getting a real job we can just refinance next year...and hopefulyl interest rates will still be really low

4 houses popped on the market yesterday that seem great so I will be busy this weekend again!
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