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Well my personal evil oppinion why there are so few rpg games nowdays is that its alot easier to make a storyless acitionshooter with some nice gfx.

A good rpg requires a nice story alot of gamedepth and afaik more content than some straight forward shooter. Its one of the things i miss alot lately i bought halo3 and it was awesome the story was okay the gfx nice but its done in a few hours and the MP is just like that of any other shooter. There are to many games that have content for 15hours only and are just cool for one playthrough because the only thing they have are nice gfx.

You are correct so ME isnt exactly like KotOR but its not so different from it + its from the company most people expect to make a K3, i dont think that Bioware wants to risk bringing out a mediocre K3 just because they are busy with several other games at the same time.

But well atm the only big SW game on the horizon is TFU, i really wonder why LA is not making some sequels for games like KotOR, RC, JK and a new simulation of the X-wing/Tie series, i see so many people on different boards asking for sequels to those games i just cant understand why LA didnt allready announce sequels to at least some of them:-/
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