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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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“As I said, I know nothing.” The Vampire repeated himself looking incredibly annoyed.

“Do we have to do this?” James Asked

“Do What?”

“The thing we always do. We ask you a question, you don’t answer, we ask you again, you get aggressive, we threaten you, you tell… Let’s skip it and just tell me.” James Explained.

“I don’t know anything, now get out of my club.” Azule demanded.

“Here we go again.” James sighed. “As well as the mother factor we got going for us, to my right is a Hybrid werewolf on a full moon, yeah she’s dosed but her strength and aggression are more than enough to kill guy one, to my left is a witch, who can set alight guy two.” James took a deep breath. “As for you.” The investigator reached into his sleeve and pulled out a vile of clear liquid. “Guess what your girl outside forgot to remove.”

Azule sighed angrily as he sat up and looked down at the ground. “Word has it 15 girls have gone missing all over the country, all born on the same day, rumour says they are all oracles.”

“Fifteen oracle in the same year of Hera.” James Scoffed. “That’s impossible you don’t get more than three or four in the world yet alone in one country.”

“I only know what I’ve heard.” Azule defended. “That’s all, now leave!”

“Gladly.” James explained as he turned to the rest. “Let’s get out of here.”
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