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yeah and with the damn walmart people in arkansas messing my hours, it makes it all the more hard. -_-

i get to chill at my parents for a few days to watch their pets.

my sis just moved the cats out of the apartment. now i'll really start to feel lonely when i'm here.

interesting thing just came up. that myspace message i got and emailed, well i was just gonna go and send the person a message on the myspace, and instead decide to check my email and the girl sent me a message. she seems ok i guess, she gave me a link to her webpage with pics of her, not bad looking. maybe i'll check her out. ^_^

lol, giving myself a hair cut...trying to see what a mohawk would look like, the damn battery dies right when i'm close to finishing. grrr!!! guess i'll clean up the majority of the hair while it recharges. i'll probably end up shaving the rest off in the end anyway. i did take a few pictures of it.

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