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"So... how do we get out without... that going off?" Jaiera asked nervously.

Ishi stepped forward and held up a small plastic card. "We use the credit card," she announced. "I've been observing the procedure." She motioned for Jaiera to come with her to the counter where one of the shop assistants stood near the register.

"Excuse me, but I'd like to purchase these items for my friend," Ishi said, sporting a charming smile. She handed the girl the credit card. "With this."

The girl smiled at Ishi, who looked 110% male to her, and coyly said, "Sure thing, hon." She eyed Jaiera. "So, does your 'friend' want to wear those home," she said, referring to Jaiera's new outfit, "or should I put them in a bag for you?"

"She'll wear them," Ishi answered for Jaiera. "They look nice on her, don't you think?"

The salesgirl nodded, then motioned for Jaiera to come closer. "I'll just take those tags off for you then, shall I?" In a moment or two, the tags had been removed and the purchase made.

"Wish I had a 'friend' like him to buy me designer wear," the girl said to Jaiera, and then gave her a wink. "He's cute."

Ishi beamed at the compliment as they all left the store and exited out into the main mall. "So, where should we go next?"

Just then, Ishi overheard someone say in passing, " the food court, dude. I wanna check out the hotties."

Ishi's brow raised, and she looked at Dianne. "What are 'hotties'?" she asked her, thinking that they were some sort of localized delicacy. "And can we try some?"

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