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Inside Shakers, Jyot and Latch took a seat at a small table. Jyot ordered two Corellian ales (his and Latch's usual fare) from the well-endowed human waitress, and then he leaned back comfortably in his chair as as the next 'show' was announced to start.

"I love this place," Jyot said to his friend as he sipped his drink. "Nothing beats mindless, but fascinating, entertainment after finishing such a strange job. Lost crew, picked up passengers, and, to top it all off, we didn't even get paid for anything." He rolled his eyes. "And what the heck is up with the Captain? Talking to himself, and headaches, and actin' all... weird." He took a sip of his drink. "All I can think is that Jedi chick did one of those mind whammy Force things on him before she got blown up."

A Twi'lek dancer appeared on stage, looking very sexy, very exotic, very fit, and very much like...."

"Oh, great. Speak of the Jedi and her twin appears." Jyot eyed the dancer over critically. "Well, maybe not her twin," he conceded. "This one's prettier."

The dancer smiled seductively at him, and Jyot seemed to quickly forget his prejudices. "So, Latch," Jyot started, "what kind of jobs do you think Zeek'll have for us? I'm not really interested in an Imperial bounty this time. Too much bother. What about you?"

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