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Latch swirled the last of his ale in his flagon before downing it in one gulp. "Truth be told, I'd really rather have nothing to do with the Imperials anymore," he answered his friend. "The Empire preaches peace and order and all that good Imperial indoctrination. Unfortunately, on most worlds, those terms translate to oppression and suffering." He glanced over at Jyot. "Not our place to do anything about that, but I'd certainly rather not contribute any more to what they stand for."

He threw his head back and shook out his long mane of hair. "Besides," he continued, adopting a more jovial tone as the dancers swayed seductively closer, "It's the non-Imperial jobs that tend to be more fun. Remember that time we had to deliver that dance troupe of Twi'leks to Nar Shaddaa?"
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