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My boss didn't have an ensemble today for the live sound class he teaches on stage... so I got to jam on stage with the other staff members on a bass that someone left laying around.

I sucked (I'm really not a bassist...) and we didn't know any songs in common,.. but it was still a wacky good time anyway.

My fingertips hurt like hell right now, though. Probably did some good for my calluses, however.

I think I picked out the TV I want for the livingroom: Sharp 32" 1080p LCD. I've seen it for under a grand at one of the wholesale clubs I belong to. Saw it in the store at Best Buy this morning. Looks nice. Good colors. Really bright. One of the few sub-40" sets that's not 720p...

Might go get it Thursday.

Finally got my car inspected. Passed. Sweet. Now I have at least 13 months before I need to worry about that again.

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