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Pallax crossed her arms as she observed Ishi and Jaiera interact with the human salesperson. The two younger Jabrics seemed to be assimilating into human culture easily enough, but Pallax knew that the process would not be so easy for her. A career soldier all her life, she'd been taught how to take action and get things done from a military perspective and she was exceedingly good at that. This fact made traipsing around in human skin just a little bit more irritating, but like all good soldiers, Pallax had a lot of patience and discipline. She just hoped that those wouldn't be tested too much.

As they stepped out of the store, she heard Ishi query Dianne, "What are 'hotties'? And can we try some?"

"I do not think you should," Pallax told Ishi. "At least not until they have been verified as non-toxic to Jabric physiology. The humans have already demonstrated a very...unique style of cuisine." She hoped her attempt at being diplomatic was heard. "So until we can verify the composition, characteristics and measurement of these 'hotties', I must recommend you hold off."
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