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Tried some XBox tonight.

The suck was with me.
Maybe I'll try again in the am,.. when I'm less slushy, mentally.

I don't have to rush in tomorrow, since I have a show tomorrow night. A "Business of Hip-Hop" symposium.

Because you know... when I think the words: "Hip-Hop" generally the first thing to come to mind will be: Panel discussion with a moderator and a Powerpoint presentation.

Ah... whatever. It will be easy. Until caps start getting popped in asses, that is.

Got paid for that church job the other day. I was a bit surprised. Two hundred bucks. In cash!

That was way more than twice what I expected... and even more than I ever would have asked for. I feel seriously guilty about taking it. Not that I'm going to give it back, mind you... but I'll have to live with the guilt.

I've told them that I'll be available for consultation and training if that comes up.

Seriously, though: I was pretty surprised when I started thumbing through the contents of that envelope. The other guy I worked with that day even more so.

Well... it won't go to waste.

I have another big payday on the horizon, too.

Another comedian is coming in to film a special like Bill Maher did. Should be another couple of very long (17+ hours...) days back to back... but at our TV/ Film-Recording rate... which is a bit more than what we pull in for normal, non-college concerts.

Should make about 3 grand that weekend, when all is said and done.

I'll be exhausted... but hey! Ye olde bank account will be happy for it.

Maybe that 2nd HDTV will be here sooner than I had planned. Or that's a good chunk o' change towards the new PC I so very desperately need.

Either way: another TV/ DVD credit to my name: and beaucoup loot to boot!

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