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congrats, ike!!! (sorry that image comes into mind whenever i think of 'dental school' ) I am glad to hear you got accepted.

I emailed the girl back and asked if she'd like to meet for coffee somewhere and maybe go shoot some pool or something. Just awaiting a response. Not sure if phone #'s would be good to exchange, i guess i could use my cell phone. she also mentioned a v-day party her and her friends have been planning. i'm wondering if i should go to that, not knowing who all is going to be there. eh, maybe i'll go just for the hell of it and for the sake of meeting new people and stuff.

oh i just finished American Gangster. it's a pretty good movie, almost like the movie 'blow' in a way.

The venison sloppy joes i made were yummy. my cooking skills just got a level up, as it's my first time cooking venison, and second time mixing sloppy joes in with 'hamburger'. good stuff.

so ed, how is xbox 360 treating you? I still think CoD4 is the best shooter for it.

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