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Akira ran after Caedus. "Wait! Uh... what if I told you... that I could help you? Ya know... being acquaintances? Look, I know you don't believe me... but can't we talk for a moment... please?!"

The beautiful young woman continued to follow behind him a few feet away. Then she pulled out her lightsaber, but didn't ignite it. "Unless you wanna fight, Mr. Colonel!"


Allana could sense her father's presence here on Nar Shadda. "Daddy!" she yelled happily. She wanted to get up, but Leia grabbed her, telling her that Daddy knew where she probably was. So she would have to "wait".

Deep in Leia's heart though, she hoped that her son wouldn't find them.

C-3PO made sure that all the doors were sealed shut. "Oh my! We're doomed! Doomed, I tell you!"
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